Emergencies are one of the most common reasons pet owners seek treatment. We understand the emotions and stress that comes with any emergency situation. Whether the situation can be handled over the phone or needs hands-on care, the team at Winrose Animal Hospital will do our best to make sure your pet is looked after and taken care of in the best possible way in a very timely manner.

If your pet has an emergency during regular hours, please, if possible, call before heading to our clinic. We accept all emergency walk-ins but a few minutes advance warning allows us to prepare at the hospital for your arrival. Most clients are more than willing to accommodate any emergency situations and it is easier for us to schedule and/or re-schedule other appointments if necessary.

After hours Emergencies

With our small but specialized trained team, we are unfortunately unable to be at the hospital 24 hours a day. If your pet has an emergency, please call the clinic at any time of day or night. Our answering machine offers guidance as to several options depending on the nature of the after-hours illness or emergency.

For our regular clients, the veterinarian's cell phone numbers are given on our answering machine message. This service is designed for non-urgent veterinary questions and concerns. We are happy to discuss your pet's concerns and may be able to give you some guidance as to whether issues can wait until the next business day. Please be sure to leave a detailed message and please do be patient as it may sometimes be a short while before we are able to get back to you. If at any time we are not available and for more urgent matters, we currently recommend taking your pet to the Pembina Emergency hospital at 400 Pembina Hwy., 452-9427.