Medical Support Team

Our resident MASCOTS:

Lovey Dovey Lovey Dovey - Lovey Dovey is our special clinic dove. Dovey has been with us for over 15 years now and welcomes everyone into our clinic. You can be sure to know where he is by his infectious laugh and coo! He is a bit of a daredevil and will jump right down and come over to see who has come to his clinic whether big or small!   We love Dovey with all our hearts and he is the true Chief Resident of our hospital. Any time you are in, pop down and see him – he loves company and attention!

Bean and Sierra Beans and Sierra – These two are just like our own personal greeters. They too will come and see everyone who ventures into our clinic. With their warms licks and kisses, you can't help but love them. We hope they help make all our canine visitors feel at home! Make sure to ask if they are here when you drop by as they always welcome a warm hand to pet them & even a treat or 2!

Brewster Brewster - Brewster was one of our original mascots. He belonged to Dr. Eichkorn and everyone who walked through our doors knew who Brewster was. He was full of life and loved meeting new people. He was famous for eating his mom's home baked liver treats and would do all sorts of tricks. Sadly, Brewster left us in 2008 but his memory will forever stay in our hearts. We have his story below for all to read. Please consider blood donation if your dog fits the criteria listed. It really is a fabulous and heart-warming way to give back to the doggie community.

Brewsters Story