Whether it is a simple or complex procedure, we cut no corners in ensuring the safe and smooth anesthetic, surgery and recovery of your pet.

At our hospital, we take the time to provide pre-surgical exams. This allows our veterinary technologists and veterinarians time to provide you with information on the procedure your pet requires. We also allow plenty of time for you to ask any questions and to address any concerns you may have about your pet's surgery. Also, please do not hesitate to ask for a tour of our surgery room and post-operative care area. We are proud of our hospital and would be more than happy to show you around.

At Winrose, we also believe it is critically important to provide both intravenous fluids and pain medication before, during and after surgery as deemed necessary. We understand owner concerns about sedation and general anesthetic and we do our absolute best to provide the safest anesthesia and the best post-operative care and pain management possible based on each pet's individual needs.

We also recommend a pre-surgical blood health screen for each patient. This is a very useful safety precaution as it gives us a good look inside the body. It helps ensure the kidneys and liver and other organs are working well enough to tolerate medications that may be needed for anesthesia, pain relief, or surgery. We carefully tailor our anesthetic protocol to meet your pet's specific needs.

Our Veterinarians and technologist team will monitor your pet very closely to ensure each procedure is as safe as possible. We use the newest monitoring equipment possible to monitor each second of anesthesia and our veterinarians and technicians attend as much continuing education as possible to ensure we are using the best medicines. We have heating pads and blankets and special pet bedding to ensure that recovery time is warm and comfortable.

We understand that the best place for your pet to recover in the long-term is with you in the comfort of your home. In the interim, we do our best to ensure that, when possible, you can be with your pet as soon after recovery from anesthetic as is safely possible. Your pet needs you during this difficult time. We have a warm and private visiting room for your comfort. Ask us more about this at your next visit and see our treatment area, visiting room, and surgery on our website hospital tour.